Conversations, Income sharing agreements | #11


Triggered by some recent conversations, I’ve been spending a good portion of this week reflecting upon my post-graduation life. I think I’m getting a much better sense of what I want to learn and how I want to contribute. It is often surprising how long it takes to articulate thoughts, and feelings. For thesis, I probably struggled with what I was trying to do for the entire first semester. It wasn’t until the second semester, or rather, the last month, and I had a good sense of what I was investigating. Which makes me wonder if, the time spent on trying to articulate an investigation, is porprotional to the meaningfulness of the investigation.

Someone told me to cease doubting myself and just jump and do it.

– 🎓

Been listening to a few podcasts about income sharing agreements. I’m suprised to learn that Yale University was the first university to experiment with it, about 10 years ago, and failed miserably. It’s interesting how there has been an increase in startups that are using this model. Perhaps at some point, this will pressure colleges of different to experiment with it.