In general, I strive to be fearless, but not delusional; be joyful, but not naive; be passionately obsessive, but not stupidly stubborn.

Currently, I'm building a new product with the team at Sprout; it'll enable us to create synaesthetic video experiences. I strongly believe computing environments can be and should be more fluid, playful, and expressive. Before this, I built small products at Tiny Factories and researched computing as a medium at Dynamicland.

More than half a decade ago, I gave a talk on the "Space" of Computing: how our conception of "computing" has has been changing and continues to change. You can watch it here and read the paper I co-authored here.

Thank you for spending some time here. Stay a while and write me a letter if you aren't in a rush!

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Received this from a friend, and has been dwelling on every sentence of this, among many other things.

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