Things in 2018 | #15

I wanted to document everything I’ve done and have not done this year.

The reason why I’ve decided to do this is because I’ve graduate from college, and life/what I’ve done is entirely up to me (although that is true to school too.) This will probably be the 10000th times you’ve seen someone doing this, but this will be the first time for me.

– It is now one hour away from 2019. Unlike some people, I don’t feel like 2018 is a year that I cannot top, but it also wasn’t a bad year. I feel like, one bad habit I got rid of this year was how lazy I get after thinking through how a project can play out (I used to think that if a project can happen, then I don’t really need to realize it..) One thing I aiming to get better at next year, is to execute a ton more.