Break, Home, Back | #17

It’s been a month since I last synced weeknotes to the website. I tried out writing weeknotes in Apple Notes for the last month and I think I still prefer writing it in Atom and pushing it to the world of connected bits.

It’s been a wonderful break. I was able to spend a ton of time at home, catch up with friends that I get to see once every 2-4 years, and reflect on the past few months as well as the past 4 four years.

Some feelings: It’s weird to be back and see how the place I grew up in feels unfamiliar because of how technology is now weaved into the city. It’s exciting to see how people that I’ve crossed paths with before are all working toward their own goals. It’s motivating to see how companies here work, collaborate, and experiment to survive.

— I’m now at the airport. It’s been a while since I last spent this many weeks at home. And when home finally feels normal again, it’s time to leave. It feels weird to leave.

Having taken a break, where I was able to truly get bored, it’s time to get serious this year.