Slow and steady, Adoption | #20

This is my 20th weeknotes. It feels like I’ve been writing weeknotes for half a year now but I suppose I’m still a few weeks short from that.

This past week went by really fast. I don’t feel like much happened, yet my calendar was pretty full.

It feels like I’m getting closer to doing what I’d like to do in the next phase of life. Website’s almost done thanks to teammate, got a few positive and interesting feedback from friends.

I really enjoyed a brief discussion about ‘killer app’ at work. If one were to invent a medium for humanity to communicate with and think with, it is important to ask questions such as:

To an extent, the public library or books as a medium had a ‘killer app’ called the bible, disposable paper in general had a ‘killer app’ where it enabled people to communiate with each other through mail and postal services.