Recording, Interview, Chair, Table | #22

Time has been passing by very quickly.

I’m very much looking forward to the next few weeks: finally settling down in environments where I can be productive, and working with people who are also interested in working in-person.

Since being in Shanghai during the end of 2018, I’ve been wanting to conduct interviews with people in China and sharing those transcripts in English. I believe that by doing so, more people will be able to understand the business culture and lifestyle in China, and perhaps form different opinions about China. I was able to conduct my first interview with someone who runs a business in China (and I’m very grateful for her time and willingness to be experimental).

Now that I have a recording, I’ve been using different transcirption and translation products/services to help speed up the process. Having spent most of my time interfacing with english products/services over the past few years, I’m really enjoying interfacing with chinese products/services. Often times, I would notice small differences between products that serve the same purpose, but operates in different regions.

I’m planning on publishing an interview each month, let’s see how this will go.

I now have a rocking kneel chair and an adjustable table. It’s a really nice change from constantly sitting at a fixed desk, or standing at a fixed desk. I’m only one week into this table/chair combination though, not sure how I will feel in six months.