Events, Coliving, Fake Cactus | #23

These past few weeks were packed with things to do and feeling excited and confused. Went to a few events, worked on projects, made some more progress with work.

Started thinking about making small custom fixtures that make home more interesting; including a cluster of pc fans that serve as an air conditioner to cool the space down. Over the next few weeks, I will be prototyping a light bulb holder (a.k.a a lamp) that’s made out of cardboard. I think it will be very cool to make a repository of furniture/objects that make a living or working environment more usable and playful. pc fan

Attended an event hosted by CCA Architecture Division two weeks ago on co-living. I really appreciated how candid the conversations there were. My main takeaway is: co-living isn’t real unless people who share the living spaces are also those who have ownership in the real estate. a presentation on coliving

This is a Christmas gift I got two years ago and I finally opened it to ‘grow’ the cactus. It might sound strange to others that I’m only opening a gift two years later, but I have quite a few toys/diy kits that have remained un-opened and I have the tendency to open those only when my mind is fully present for it. cactus made out of paper

Again and again, I’m amazed by how powerful diagramming and illustrating can be when in a group discussion. They all help increase clarity to the concepts that are being talked among.