Plants, College, SFMoMA, Presentations | #25

I find it somewhat hard to stick to the weekly weeknotes routine. Partially because I sometimes don’t know what to write about. So I’m trying a different approach: Everytime I’m writing weeknotes, I’m going to open the photos apps and select photos of activies that I want to share. I wonder if this will get me back on track with writing weekly weeknotes.

This week was the last week of school at CCA. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I’ve graduated. In the past year, I’ve learned a lot and went through many different things that I didn’t expect to. More on that in a blog post later…

I’ve been enjoying riding the new BART trains. I wish there’s a timetable where I can see where all the new BART trains are, I’m pretty sure I will make sure I only ride the new ones.. They are so much quieter and brighter.

new BART trains

Reconfigured the plant shelve at home and started planted the end parts of chives and other vegetables to grow some food at home. It’s suprising how calming I become when I can see plants in my peripheral vision while working.

I’m also loving the flexiblility and accessibility of cardboard, wood square dowel, and milk crates. I think I will try and make most of my home furniture and storage spaces with those materials in the future.. I don’t think this will work for those who have small kids at home, or those who are living in the same place for 10+ years. In my case, I’ve been moving every 1-3 years. Whenver I move, I can recycle/re-sell these materials for others to use in different ways. I can also create laser cut, cnc, and 3d printing designs and re-use them everytime I move.

a new plant shelve at home

Attended my college roommate’s film screening and her film was so great! Funny that we all presented our thesis in the same room, but one year apart. I’ve been thinking about how Ted Nelson said “Computer graphics is really a branch of movie-making.” I really like film as a medium for communication.

film screening

It’s also kind of unfortuante that the longer I’ve been out of school, the less faces I recognize everytime I go back.

Went to Exploratorium on Thursday for a talk by Scott McCloud and a talk on personalizing Climate Change. It was really nice to hear those talks in person. I really enjoyed both of those talks (in different ways).

A discussion I had with a friend afterwards was around presentation effort. We both don’t feel like people (generally speaking) put enough effort into preparing a presentation. Really, a presentation is a performance, but most people put together with the mindset “I’m told I need to summarize something I’ve been working on.” If more people treat presentation giving as movie making, I think we will have a ton more great and enjoyable presentations in the world..

exploratorium talks

Went to SFMoMA with two friends over the weekend. Their new exhibitions on Snap & Share (the evolution of sharing photographs) as well as Sea Ranch were both really enjoyable. Everytime I’m there, I can sense the shifts in art museums. There are definitely certain types of exhibitions that are getting more and more popular (because they resonate with our current lives) and vice versa.

SFMoMA's exhibition on snap and share