Organization, Resin | #26

This past few weeks, I’ve been interviewing different people about community and technology research. I feel that I’ve learned a ton about interviewing, what it means to cultivate a community, how can long-term work relate to the real world, the importance to address organizational challenges, and many more.

I was having a conversation with someone and we talked about the differences between a lab and a group that invents a new medium (writing, book, printing press, personal computer, essentially a new way to communicate without being bounded by time and space (?)). I thought that that’s a fascinating distinction. Historically speaking, a technology lab is a place where people gather to investigate a computing-related questions. What they do with the results of that investigation is sometimes less important (most of the time a different stakeholder go do something with that). In the case where Dynamicland claims to be inventing a new medium, it needs to be operating in a way that’s different from how a lab operates. By claiming to be inventing a new medium, you are also suggesting that what you invent will be threaded into our daily activities.

In case you are wondering what would happen when you dip a receipt into resin… Here’s what the receipt looks like.

new BART trains

I didn’t take much photos this past two weeks.. but I will try and take more next week.