New words, Milk tea, Hiking | #27

When I first set up this website for writing weeknotes, I thought I could jot down notes while linking different thoughts with different hashtags. In retrospect that’s not really possible, because half baked thoughts are just really loose. However, what I’ve noticed is that, by writing more frequently, I’m able to think more clearly in terms of when I started thinking about a new thought.

I’ve been thinking about how to come up with new terms. New phrases are often needed to describe a new combination of activity or thinking, but it’s hard to understand what will stick. Metaphors or mashing two words together often work well. Some friends and I tried to brainstorm around something that we are working on, and it’s really hard to come up with a new name!

I started growing mushrooms about 10 days ago. And it’s going pretty well given that it’s my first time? I wish there wasn’t the heat wave in bay area cause the mushrooms starting looking weird because of the heat wave.

mushroom kit

Milk tea with brown sugar has been pretty popular in China lately. I never tried it when I was there earlier in the year. I bought one a few weeks for the first time and they are surprinsgly good given how ordinary the ingredients are.

milk tea with brown sugar

I went on a hike with college roommates last week and it was really fun! We got to fly the drone a little more and just spend time in a signal-free environment. Sometimes it’s hard to remind myself how fun it can be to hideaway from cities for a bit.

hiking with friends

We also got to play with some moment lens and it’s really fun to see tiny details in the world. I’ve been comparing different cameras lately and looking at the type of cameras different type of people use. It’s fascinating to see the wide range of cameras out there.