Hundred Rabbits, Ideal Life Style | #35

Several of my friends follow Hundred Rabbits: they (two people) have been sailing and creating software, recipe, games, illustrations on their off-the-grid studio (boat). They are funded by supporters on patreon and they gave a talk at XOXO on how they changed their lifestyle to adapt to living on a boat.

It wasn’t until watching this talk that I actually got to learn more about them. (I know, I could have put into more effort in reading and watching the content they’ve put out.)

There are a lot of things that we take for granted by living in cities, things i didn’t really think about until watching this talk:

This really really motivates me to think about living style and computers differently. 🍀 What’s the relationship we want to (and perhaps should) have with nature, and computers? When will the chase for faster, better, thinner, lighter devices slow down?

I tried to think more about what I might want as well:

I think there’s a future where just enough technology is what we desire, but to get there, we might need hard science and technology research.

Jonathan Blow also writes, rants, and talks about this