Roundup – August 2020

~ a scrollable comic report of some sort?

August was kinda :( for me, but I played games, visited a few calming places, found some ✨🌱 things on the interweb, and started thinking about picking up a new hobby, maybe?

photo comic photo comic photo comic photo comic

Links (in no particular order)
> How to make a steel marble track (youtube)
> Small groups and consultancy (blog post)
> A short hike (game page)
> Iceland Design Award (behance)
> Hasselblad-Instax (portfolio)
> Foiling with Cooper Calligraphy (instagram)
> Pivot to people (medium post)
> Availabot (portfolio)
> Dumb things, smart light (vimeo)
> Little printers (portfolio)
> Paper signals (product page)
> 24节气-惊蛰 (dribbble)
> CHIPSCREW 1.0 (behance)
> Clip Studio Paint Artist: Simone Ferriero (graphxily interview)
> 每周人物 | 浪成仙:日常撸兔的自由插画师 (wemp interview)
> Design the Future (youtube)
> Dynamic comic (tweet)