I really enjoy mixing together toys, art, architecture, and community design. Sometimes, you’ll find me dreaming about the multiverse of magical disciplines, authoring environments, and inter-generational neighborhoods.

For most of my days, I feel both exponentially lost and immensely motivated. However, if you know me in real life, you probably won’t spot either on my face.

I enjoy sending out and receiving physical letters, so if you’d like to receive a postcard from me, email me your mailing address at wei (at) weiwei (dot) place.

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I am an American-born Taiwanese who grew up in Shanghai, yet I know more Cantonese than Taiwanese. I studied Interaction Design at California College of the Arts. Occasionally, I think about going to grad school in Boston.

At CCA, I was very fortunate to learn from those who has been shaping the internet and the world around us. They exposed me to a world that I didn't know existed before. I will be forever grateful to the teachers and friends that I've met during my time there.

I care tremendously about cultivating communities, climate change, long-term research & development, and education. It is my life-long goal to put equal efforts into these four areas.

  Side projects  

I look for areas that don't get the attention they deserve and try my best to facilitate those conversations, together with others. In high school, I co-designed a diary book that both students and faculty still use today. At CCA, I co-created a trading group, called The CCA Underground, that has hosted 900+ trades. A few friends and I have also created an alt college mascot, called Max CCA, some referred to it as our school's Banksy.

In my freshman year, I joined John Bielenberg's experimental program Secret Project at CCA and expanded the program to Taiwan and produced three summer programs on challenging the status quo at Toucheng Farmin YiLan, Taiwan. After college, a few friends and I turned one of our tabletop game into a Kickstarter project, it was extremely fun, tiring, and chaotic.